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Greenhead Adventures
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Goose and duck hunting in Alberta Canada

Goose and duck hunting in Alberta Canada

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Morning Ducks

Morning Ducks

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Evening fly-by

Evening fly-by

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Setting up for ducks

Setting up for ducks

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Thank you to, Ken Barnes, Donna U. Webb, Paul Stannard, Robert M. Maass, and Mike Ohren for sharing your pictures and videos. 

Ducks and Geese 2021
A good morning shoot in 2021
Ducks in 2021
Specs and Cans 2021
Mixed Bag 2021
Happy Hunters 2021
Snows in 2021
Goose Hunting Albrerta 2020
2020 Season
2020 Great Hundt
Jake, Mike, Mark, Denis
Jake, Mike, Mark
Happy hunters
Jake Mike Mark Greenhead Adventures
More duck hunting success.
Hunting success.
Can we come back?
Very nice.
Not a bad day.
Denis, Clare and Bailey
Happy guys.
Sunny day
Layout the birds.
Even some snow geese.
Specs and Canada
A lot of birds.
Great blinds work well.
The morning shoot.
Nice geese
After the hunt
Back again. :)
Great morning
Discussing the hunt
Another good morning
All setup
Packing up
It's a duck shoot waiting to happen.
Mallards by moonlight
Denis retrieving
Not a bad shoot.
Gentle care.
Snowing blind
Cold temps, warm hearts
All ready to shoot
Birds and more birds
It's so fun
Bale blinds work well
Stand up and shoot
Pack it up
Decoys look good
Waiting for Mallards.
Specklebelly geese
Work for fun?
Another great morning.
First rate decoys.
More decoys
The right spread
A few racks
In the middle
Making it just right.
Scene from the blind.
Ready to go.
Not a bad morning.
Lay down blind looks good.
Early morning
Beautiful colors
Bucks at the Lodge
Do you see the blind?
Denis and Brad
Mike is ready.
Do you see this blind?
Good friends. Good shoot.
Getting things ready
Great morning
Back at the Lodge
Not bad
Relaxing after the morning shoot.
After the shoot
Enjoying some downtime
What fun
Ducks and geese
Nice mix