Planning your trip.

A Few Recommended Things To Remember

  • Passport

  • Plan for the weather

  • Rain gear 

  • Warm clothing

  • Light jacket comes in handy too

  • Hunting hat

  • Hunting boots

  • Gloves

  • Slippers for the lodge

  • Insect repellant

  • Sunscreen

  • Field bag for shells and snacks

  • Guns and Ammunition must be locked in a hard case. (check with your airline on restrictions)

  • Some hunters bring two guns and four boxes of shells. 

  • Shells are available for purchase at the lodge, if you want a special gauge or brand please let us know.

  • Travel gun case for the hunts. This is in addition to your hard case you brought your guns in. 

  • Gun cleaning kit

  • Shooting glasses

  • Chapstick 

  • Headlamp

Travel To Greenhead Adventures - Air Travel / Car

  • Fly into Edmonton International.

  • Rent a vehicle large enough for all of your gear.

  • It's about a three hour drive to the Lodge.

  • If you are new, just make sure you get to St. Paul. Someone will be in contact with you and just may meet you to guide you the rest of the way. 

Hotels in Edmonton


  • There is a discount at Executive Royal Hotel Edmonton Airport if you mention Greenhead Adventures when booking.

Last Minute Supplies

  • Liquor stores are available in St. Paul for wine, beer, etc.

Arriving At The Lodge 

  • Park in front of the Lodge while you unload your gear.

  • If you traveled with a hard gun case, this can be kept next to the Lodge in the woodshed. Guns can be kept in the entryway.

  • We will let you know where to park after you unload your gear.

  • Once you are settled in, we will do some paperwork, make sure everyone has their hunting license and discuss the hunting plans.

Schedule - What To Expect

  • Set the alarm for 3 a.m. if you’re hunting early season, we will let you sleep till 4 in the late season. Early mornings are normally cool be prepared. The afternoons can be warm in the early season so you may want to bring a lighter jacket too.

  • Once you are dressed, grab a few snacks and something to drink for the morning hunt. We provide these for you.  

  • We will do the driving. The drive to the field will give you time to wake up - 20 to 45 minutes. Denis will have the right spot picked out ahead of time. 

  • Once at the field, it's time to setup the decoys and blinds. Remember the devil is in the detail – 200 plus decoys later and you’ll understand. Not just any decoys, mind you, full-flocked, full-bodied decoys set out in a perfect spread; Denis’ pride and joy, so be gentle with them! Then there’s the blinds - bale stand-ups, or lay down coffin blinds – you will be in whichever is best suited for the day’s hunt. 

  • After the morning hunt, it's time to pick up the decoys, empty shells and plastic wads. Leave only footprints. 

  • Brunch will be served when you return to the lodge. Be prepared to eat. There will be plenty. 

  • Now it's time to relax, have a beverage, take a nap or clean your gun. Remember to be ready for the afternoon outing. Normally this will be a duck shoot. This could be over water or in a field. Depends where the birds will be. Denis and Brad will have this scouted out ahead of time. 

  • Once back a the lodge, we will have a late dinner and tell stories of the day's hunt. Meals are homemade and again there will be plenty to eat. Late dinner means we could be eating at 10 pm depending on the season. 

  • Now it's time to relax and think about getting to bed. Remember to set you alarm as we do it all again tomorrow.


Lodge Rules

  • No shoes or hunting boots on the carpet please

  • No cleaning guns in the lodge - this can be done in the woodshed.

  • You may keep your guns in the entry way 

  • No smoking in the Lodge

The Lodge has two bedrooms with single beds.

The Lodge has two bedrooms with single beds.

Waterfowl hunting in Canada

Entering Canada

Helpful Links

Settig up decoy with headlamps

Remember your headlamp for those early mornings. 

Lake Bentley Lodge

Relaxing out back after brunch.

Goose blind

Standup blind next to round bale

Duck huntng a pothole

Afternoon duck shoot next to a small waterhole. 

"Ready to head home, but first a picture with Denis and our group. Thanks for another great trip Greenhead Adventures."

- Mike Ohren